Let Checkeeper print and mail checks for you

Checkeeper can print and mail (first class) professional printed checks for you at the press of a button. There is no need to purchase your own pre-printed check stock, matching envelopes or even stamps. For one low fee, we'll have your vendor's checks printed and ready to be mailed within minutes of placing the order.

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How does check fulfillment work?

Each check entry you create in Checkeeper has the option to allow us print and mail for you. When viewing a check's details inside the Checkeeper system, click the green "Mail Check" button below your payees address. Through the magic of the internets, your check appears fresh out of our printers within a few seconds. There is even a fancy machine that stuffs and seals the envelopes automatically (video coming soon)!

Checks are professionally printed with an attached payment stub and mailed first-class in double window #9 envelops with your business as the return address.

Check Fulfillment Pricing

Checks Price
10 $10.00
20 $20.00
50 $50.00
100 $100.00

Why do you need my bank account information?

Checkeeper prints checks just as a bank or check stock provider would. We include all the required routing and account number at the bottom of every check so banks can accurately process the deposited checks.

When your vendor deposits a Checkeeper printed check, the funds are drawn directly for your account just like a normal bank check. Checkeeper does NOT handle money transactions in any way. We simply include your necessary banking details on the checks we print on your behalf.

Sounds good, how do we get started?

Create a Checkeeper account. Follow these easy steps to quickly and easily have your checks mailed:

  • Log into your Checkeeper account
  • Go to 'Account' from the main menu
  • Securely add your bank routing and account number
  • Set up the authorized signer for your check
  • Return to the Registry, view a check's details and click the green "Mail Check" button.

After an order is placed, you will be able to view a check's live status updates which include: Pending waiting for the printer queue to pick up the job. Printed, your check has printed. Mailed, your check has been enveloped and given to the USPS for delivery.